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The Pact By Jodi Picoult

The Hartes and the Golds have been next door neighbors since their children (Chris and Emily) were babies. No one is surprised when they become boyfriend-girlfriend. Everyone is surprised though when a double suicide goes wrong, leaving Emily dead. Trying to comprehend what lead to this, the Pact brings you through the Hartes and Golds whole relationship.

Recommendations: This is a very hard book to read. There were times where my friend (Lil Bat), who was reading this book with me, and I had to put the book down. Many tears were shed, and it was extraordinarily gripping book. I would recommend this to fourteen and up. It does have explicit scenes, and addresses lots of hard topics. It is a great book, but a very challenging read. 

As always; Enjoy but please do not copy any of my work and claim it as your own! Thank you!

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