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Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, so you will probably see lots of her books on here.

Luke Warren is a wolf behavioral specialist. He is so into his job that he spent a period of time with a wild wolf pack. He lives with his daughter, Carra, in Canada. Carra is seventeen and has an older brother, Edward, who is seventeen and has lived in Thailand for the past five years after a major argument with his father. Carra's parents were divorced shortly afterward, and Carra has blamed Edward ever since.
Then, something no one expected happens. Luke and Carra are in a major accident that leaves Carra only a little bruised, but Luke is gravely wounded. Edward is called home and Carra is not pleased. She says that any decisions should be made by her about their father's care, but she is underage. How will this family come out in the end? Can miracles happen?

Recommendations: This is an adult book, but is also very extraordinary. Picoult grabs onto your attention, and doesn't let go until the last word. Very good character development throughout the entire book, you learn more the more you read. In entirely Picoult fashion surprises, both unwanted and wanted, lurk around every page turn. I would recommend this book to anyone thirteen and up. Unlike some books where I would recommend this for older people so that there is more enjoyment, this book does have lots of hard places to read, and a couple explicit scenes. Very good book, but a hard read.

Enjoy! Please do not copy any of my work and claim it as your own! Thank you!

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