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Eragon By; Christopher Paolni

Eragon is a farm boy trying to help his family make a living on the rough Carvahall land. While hunting in the Spine he finds a rock. He tries selling the rock for money, but since it's from the dreaded Spine it doesn't work. Garrow (his uncle) is not pleased when he brings back meat bought by a neighbor out of charity. Later that night something extraordinary happens, the stone hatches.
Now that enemies keep appearing everywhere, Eragon must learn more about this newfound friend, and the power and responsibility that comes with it. What will he do? How will he learn? Who will teach him? Read this amazing book to find.

Recommendations: This is a fantasy story that some people say is a rip-off of Star Wars, however it is still a very good book. Christopher Paolini even said before writing that it would be very similar to Star Wars. If you like Star Wars you will either love, or hate this book. This book is very good, but I would recommend being in 6th grade or older to fully appreciate and understand this book. It isn't inappropriate, but there is some places where you have to be older to appreciate it fully.

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