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The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Jason Grace has no clue who he is, or where he is. He turns up on a bus with no memory of who he is with Piper McLean and Leo Valdez. They are on a field trip and go to a school for "bad kids". Piper can convince people to give her things, but everyone claims she steals them. Leo Valdez has lost his parents, and has been in fosters homes ever since. When they get to the Grand Canyon they are attacked! What will happen now? Will Jason ever get his memory back?

Recommendations: This is a good book for anyone. It's the type of book that can be enjoyed by all! Fantastic read, Riordan truly delivers.

Rating: I would rate this story an 8. It is a great book for young and old, but I was looking for more of a challenge and this book was not a challenge.


Cinder by Marrisa Meyer

Cinder is a spin off of Cinderella. It is a very loose one, but it is still there.Cinder is a cyborg whose father has died, and is left with the classic step mother and step sisters. One sister though, is nicer to Cinder than in the original. Cinder is a mechanic, and one day the prince comes to her asking for his android to be fixed. Now she is wrapped up in something she never sees coming. The Lunars are looking to integrate themselves among the humans, and the plague is threatening to destroy everyone. What will Cinder do?

Recommendations: I would recommend this to 12 and up. You could read it younger, however to enjoy it to its full potential you should be older so that you understand the background stories. Very good book, but almost too predictable. This is a Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

Rating: I would rate this book an 8.

Warrior's Heart by Eric Greitens

This book is about a Navy Seal. Eric Greitens wrote an autobiography, and this is a young adult version. I do not like war, I am a peace activist, but this book was very good. Unlike some books that involve the Armed Forces, that is not the only focus in this book. This book is about Eric who at first has no interest in joining the arm. He just wants to make a difference in the world. Eric does some humanitarian work in high school. He sees the problems in the world, and wants to be a part of the solution. He sees becoming a SEAL a way to do this. You are only in the training for the last, at most, 50 pages.
Recommendations: I would recommend this to any middle schooler. It is very good, and inspirational.

Enjoy! Please do not copy any of my work and claim it as your own! Thanks!