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Irony is my favorite type of figurative language. I use it in everyday language, and concern some people.


Thomas Hobbes: Philosophy post

Thomas Hobbes is a political philosopher. In his mind the best world we can hope for is one with a single, dominant figure. He believes that people are not intelligent enough to take care of themselves without the help of some authoritative figure. Thomas Hobbes would probably be very happy in a monarchy run by Loki. In my personal opinion he should take a hike, because he views people like cattle, himself included. I am quite glad this political philosopher is gone, because I don’t know if I could have put up with him.


Joke 1

Why couldn't Sally swing on the swing set? Because she had no arms

Knock knock
Who's there?
Not Sally.

The Book Thief by Cinda Williams Chima

Summary: In Nazi Germany Liesel is adopted by Hans Hubbermann and Rosa Hubbermann. When her mother takes her and her younger brother to the family, her brother dies. Liesel wants to learn to read, and takes to thievery. Hence the name, "The Book Thief".

Recommendation: Anyone who wants a very good read should read this book. I don't like historical fiction, but I LOVED this book. Just be prepared to cry. A lot.