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Cinder by Marrisa Meyer

Cinder is a spin off of Cinderella. It is a very loose one, but it is still there.Cinder is a cyborg whose father has died, and is left with the classic step mother and step sisters. One sister though, is nicer to Cinder than in the original. Cinder is a mechanic, and one day the prince comes to her asking for his android to be fixed. Now she is wrapped up in something she never sees coming. The Lunars are looking to integrate themselves among the humans, and the plague is threatening to destroy everyone. What will Cinder do?

Recommendations: I would recommend this to 12 and up. You could read it younger, however to enjoy it to its full potential you should be older so that you understand the background stories. Very good book, but almost too predictable. This is a Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

Rating: I would rate this book an 8.

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